Ohio Ordnance HCAR




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      Barrel Length: 16′′
      Finish/Color: Black
      Grips/Stock: CTR
      Accessories: 2-30-Rd Mags
      Capacity: 30Rd

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      Weapon Specifications:

      Weight: 11.75 pounds (16″ barrel); 12.5 pounds (20″ barrel)
      Length: 38.25 in. (sixteen” barrel); 42.25 in. (20″ barrel)
      Barrel: Chrome Moly, four grooves, 1/10 twist, five/eight-24 muzzle thread
      Barrel Length: 16″ and 20″ available
      Action: Closed Bolt
      Gas System: Adjustable 3 Positions
      Feed System: Thirteenth Detachable Magazine
      Maximum Effective Range: 1200m

      The Most Robust Gas System Designed By John Moses Browning, Capable of Withstanding Extreme High Pressure Loads



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