• The Ohio Ordnance HCAR (Heavy Counter-Assault Rifle) is a modern take on the classic Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) used during World War II. The HCAR is a robust and reliable rifle that is designed to perform in harsh conditions and to provide accurate, consistent fire.

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      One of the most significant advantages of the HCAR is its versatility. The rifle can be configured to suit a variety of needs, making it a great option for hunters, competitive shooters, and military personnel. The rifle is also fully customizable, with a range of accessories and upgrades available to tailor the rifle to the shooter’s needs.

      The HCAR is chambered in .30-06 Springfield, which is a powerful cartridge that is known for its accuracy at long ranges. The cartridge is also highly reliable, which means that the rifle can operate effectively in a variety of weather conditions. It is also a popular cartridge for hunters, making the HCAR a great choice for those looking for a versatile rifle that can be used in multiple situations.

      Another advantage of the HCAR is its accuracy. The rifle is built with precision in mind, with a free-floating barrel and an adjustable gas system that allows the shooter to fine-tune the rifle for the best possible accuracy. The HCAR can also be fitted with optics or iron sights, depending on the shooter’s preference, which further enhances the rifle’s accuracy.

      The HCAR features a dual recoil spring system that helps to reduce felt recoil, making the rifle more comfortable to shoot for extended periods. It also has an ambidextrous magazine release, which makes reloading the rifle faster and easier, regardless of whether the shooter is left- or right-handed.

      Ohio Ordnance has also designed the HCAR with safety in mind. The rifle features a three-position safety that allows the shooter to choose between safe, semi-auto, and full-auto modes of fire. This ensures that the shooter can operate the rifle safely and in a manner that is appropriate for the situation.

      One of the most impressive features of the HCAR is its durability. The rifle is built to military specifications and is designed to withstand harsh conditions and abuse. The HCAR has passed military testing and is considered a highly reliable rifle, even in the toughest of conditions.

      The HCAR is also designed to be easy to maintain. The rifle can be stripped down without tools, and the components are designed to be easy to clean and replace. This makes the rifle a great choice for those who need a reliable weapon that is easy to maintain in the field.

      In conclusion, the Ohio Ordnance HCAR is a versatile and reliable rifle that is designed to perform in a variety of situations. It is highly accurate and customizable, making it a great choice for hunters, competitive shooters, and military personnel. The HCAR is also built to military specifications, making it a highly durable and reliable rifle that is easy to maintain. While the HCAR is a powerful weapon, it is essential to follow safety guidelines and to handle the rifle responsibly to ensure that it is used safely and effectively.

      Weapon Specifications:

      Weight: 11.75 pounds (16″ barrel); 12.5 pounds (20″ barrel)
      Length: 38.25 in. (sixteen” barrel); 42.25 in. (20″ barrel)
      Barrel: Chrome Moly, four grooves, 1/10 twist, five/eight-24 muzzle thread
      Barrel Length: 16″ and 20″ available
      Action: Closed Bolt
      Gas System: Adjustable 3 Positions
      Feed System: Thirteenth Detachable Magazine
      Maximum Effective Range: 1200m

      The Most Robust Gas System Designed By John Moses Browning, Capable of Withstanding Extreme High Pressure Loads



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