CCI #35 50 Cal. BMG Primers (500 ct.)




CCI 35 primers are renowned among reloaders and shooters for their reliability and consistent performance. Manufactured by CCI (Cascade Cartridge Inc.), these primers are designed to provide consistent ignition and reliable functioning in a variety of cartridges.

One of the key features of CCI 35 primers is their ability to handle high pressure loads. These primers are specifically designed for use in .50 BMG cartridges, which are known for their high-pressure nature. CCI 35 primers are built to withstand the intense pressure generated by these cartridges, ensuring safe and efficient ignition.

Reliability is a crucial factor in any primer, and CCI 35 primers excel in this regard. They are known for their consistency and dependable performance, minimizing the occurrence of misfires or malfunctions. This reliability is highly valued by competitive shooters and hunters alike, as it contributes to consistent and accurate shot placement.

CCI 35 primers are also appreciated for their “milspec” qualities. These primers meet rigorous standards set by military specifications, making them well-suited for military-style applications and firearms. Reloaders who engage in reloading for military rifles or enjoy shooting surplus ammunition can benefit from the reliability and compatibility of CCI 35.

Another advantage of CCI 35 is their sensitive and responsive ignition. These primers have a reputation for providing quick and efficient ignition, even in adverse conditions. This sensitivity is particularly beneficial for shooters who engage in precision shooting or participate in competitive shooting events where split-second timing can make a difference.

CCI as a brand is known for its consistent quality control and meticulous manufacturing processes, and CCI 35 primers are no exception. Each primer undergoes rigorous testing to ensure uniformity and reliability. Reloaders can be confident in the quality of these primers, knowing that they have been crafted to exacting standards.

Furthermore, CCI 35 have a reputation for cleanliness. They are formulated to minimize residue and fouling, leading to cleaner shooting experiences. This cleanliness not only contributes to improved firearm maintenance but also helps maintain consistent performance, shot after shot.

In summary, CCI 35 have earned their reputation as reliable, high-performance primers suitable for high-pressure cartridges. Their ability to handle intense pressure, reliability, milspec compatibility, and sensitive ignition make them a preferred choice for shooters who value consistency and performance. With CCI 35, shooters can have confidence in their ammunition’s ignition and performance, allowing them to focus on hitting their desired targets accurately and effectively.


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