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700x powder in Stock , Ammo Online Shop , Buy Ammo now at first-rate charges , Hunters save Online , smokeless gun powder Online in stock. This extruded flake powder is perfectly suited for shotshells in 12 and sixteen gauge in which clay goal and mild region masses are the norm. It doubles as an brilliant pistol aim powder for such cartridges as the 38 Special and forty five ACP and lots of greater. This listing is for (1) 8-lb jug of factory sealed 700X powder. Excellent for 38 Special and 45acp. I can deliver a sixteen lb discipline for one hazmat price, so combine different devices to keep.

700 x powder eight lb For Sale

Hodgdon Powder Company places of work are positioned at 6430 Vista Drive in Shawnee, Kansas. The Powder magazine, packaging and production facilities are maintained about a hundred and forty miles southwest of the primary workplace, in Herington, Kansas. Additional magazine space, placed on a closed military base, is likewise leased from the City of Topeka, Kansas.

To better serve our reloading clients Hodgdon Powder Company continues to develop. Hodgdon bought IMR® Powder Company in October 2003. IMR mythical powders have been the mainstay of severa handloaders for nearly 100 years. IMR powders stay manufactured within the equal plant and with the same exacting overall performance criteria and brilliant guarantee requirements that shooters have come to assume.

In March 2006, Hodgdon Powder Company and Winchester® Ammunition announced that Winchester® branded reloading powders can be certified to Hodgdon. Winchester smokeless propellants, the selection of loading experts, are available to the handloader to copy the factory typical performance of hundreds from handgun to rifle and shotgun.

WARNING: Improperly reloaded ammunition can reason severe non-public harm. Reloading ought to only be achieved by means of way of succesful adults after proper schooling. Always wear protection glasses while reloading and are seeking for advice from current powder records publications. Since reloading operations are beyond our manipulate, we disclaim all legal responsibility for any and all damages that may end result and count on no criminal responsibility or duty, expressed or implied.

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