Browning 350 legend 1000 rounds(10 boxes of 100)




Browning 350 legend 155 grain

Browning 350 legend 155 grain is awesome for hunting deer, but its rate tag isn’t so burdensome that you’ll be afraid to exercise with it as well! It’s a Power-Shok load, ideal for filling your bag without going so broke that you’ll need to pawn your fillings just to come up with the money for on-the-spot noodles.

This round owes its deer-toppling terminal performance to its gentle-point bullet. Nothing fancy; however, it is very effective with a concentric copper jacket that assists with weight retention for exceptional penetration. The SP bullet’s smooth lead core makes up its flat nostril, so it transfers decent energy right at the point of effect, followed by sizable terminal expansion.

And way to its zero. 245 ballistic coefficient, this bullet keeps a notably flat trajectory until it plows into its quarry with over 1,000 toes-lbs of strength, as much as around a hundred seventy-five yards! A Power-Shok spherical’s brass case is reloadable, so that you can financial institution on its consistent dimensions and immediately-as-a-whistle-wall the primary, 2D, and 1/3 time you fire it. Although some variant is inevitable, Federal does a terrific job matching a primer and propellant to provide a constant 2,100 fps muzzle velocity.
The all-new 350 Legend cartridge is engineered for deer hunters to supply large downrange power transfer with stepped forward penetration from a modern-day directly-walled cartridge. The outsized effect diameter of the Extreme Point® bullet offers bigger effect trauma for larger wound cavities and quicker knockdown.

The BXR provides the Matrix Tip era of the popular Browning BXR line. The BXR Rapid Expansion Matrix Tip is designed in particular to be used on whitetail, backtrail, mule deer, and antelope. The proprietary matrix tip layout allows for high downrange velocity and electricity retention while additionally beginning rapid advantageous growth. The jacket and tip mixture yields precision accuracy, rapid strength switching, and large knockdown power.

In June 2014, Michigan’s Natural Resources Commission (NRC) authorized the law to permit the limited use of positive rifles capable of the use of.35-­quality or larger ammunition with immediately-­walled cartridges that have a minimal case period of 1.16 inches and a maximum case duration of 1.8 inches to take deer inside the restricted firearms deer area. In March 2017, the NRC endorsed the law’s sundown provision being removed “totally.”

These dimensions had been aimed at making sure that no bullet of that diameter fired from that type of case could journey a long way enough from the muzzle to pose a good deal of a danger to doubtless nearby citizens. While this regulation started in Michigan, it has since spread to different states, including Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.


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