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243 wssm ammo at selfdefensespot

243 wssm ammo, 357 ammo, 270 ammo, and 209 ammo by using Hornady, These 243-win rounds are synthetic via Hornady. They weigh in at ninety-five grains, making them heavy for the cartridge length although nonetheless lightweight for a rifle round. Also, they’re heavy enough to impact objectives with far greater force than their lighter counterparts, making them tremendous for searching for coyotes and foxes, amongst others. These are Hornady’s SST, or Super Shock Tip, which increases the effect and supplies a ballistic coefficient that is superior to that of many similar searching rounds. These SST rounds are first-rate for an easy kill, even when calling coyotes or foxes.


Highly correct and dependable, Hornady is influenced by the goal of “ten bullets through one hole.” Founded in 1949 as an easy-man operation, Hornady has evolved into an international leader within the 270 and 357 ammo industries. Hornady’s Performance line is engineered mainly for hunting and is manufactured using the most effective and great components.243 wssm ammo

These 209 rounds of ammo make up Hornady’s patented Super Shock Tip (SST) projectile. Weighing in at ninety-five grains, SST bullets feature a trademarked interlock ring machine that keeps the bullet’s jacket and center solidly locked throughout enlargement. The jacket and center are also bolstered in vital areas to offer superb weight retention.

SST bullets additionally feature a purple polymer tip, which creates faster, flatter trajectories and a better ballistic coefficient than the common searching bullet. The polymer tip additionally works to initiate terminal expansion to produce a powerful hollow wound for a humane kill.

The best tag that those masses might not fill is the rate tag. The traditional lead-middle searching bullets in Federal® Power•Shok® rifle hundreds provide strong accuracy and strength at an affordable fee. They feature dependable Federal brass, primers, and powder and are suitable for a wide variety of medium and massive sports.

.  Consistent, proven performance
.  load and bullet designs for the whole lot, from varmints to large recreation
.  Affordable

Caliber 243 Win
Bullet Weight 100
Muzzle Velocity 2960
Bullet Weight 100
Bullet Style Jacketed Soft Point
Ballistic Coefficient .355
Bullet Length In 1.006in. / 25.55mm
Package Quantity 20
Usage Medium Game

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