ZAP™ Light Extreme Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight 1M


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This ZAP light is a definite must-have self-defense tool. Delivering an astounding 1 million volts of electric power, you’re sure to cause your attacker great pain and immobilize him right on the spot. The six (6) ultra-sharp spike electrodes located at the end of the flashlight penetrate your attacker’s clothing to further heighten the shock delivered to him. This ZAP light also comes with super bright LED light bulbs that will shine for over five (5) hours, providing you with ample lighting just when you need it. Flashlight also comes with glow strips around it to help you easily locate it should you lose it in the dark. It can also be easily charged using the wall charger or convenient car charger. This ZAP light is the ultimate tool to have on you especially when you are travelling into unfamiliar places.