ZAP™ Edge Rechargeable USB Power Bank LED Stun Gun 950K


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The ZAP™ Edge is a lightweight and portable power bank that is great for keeping in your car or taking with you on outdoor treks. What makes it even more ideal is that it contains a hidden 950,000-volt stun gun that can protect you in an instant from would-be attackers. On top of that, it has a built-in bright LED light that will illuminate dark areas whenever you need it and can also temporarily blind attackers. It comes with a USB to micro-USB cable for charging the device or for recharging micro-USB devices. It can also charge non-micro-USB devices but requires a separate cable with at least one end that is standard USB (not included). All-in-all, the ZAP™ Edge is perfect for self-defense and survival needs and is easy to take with you anywhere you go with its included wrist strap and nylon holster with belt clip.