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Winchester Super X .22-250 Remington PT, 64 Grains, 20 Rds
In 1873, less than a decade after the Civil War and when Westward expansion was in full gallop, Winchester Super X the first successful centerfire cartridges. Winchester has set the world standard in superior ammunition performance and innovation for more than a century. To millions of hunters and shooters worldwide, the name “Winchester” means quality and performance. No matter the sport, game, or protection, you can always depend on the Winchester Ammunition to perform as promised.

Magnum power gives the Winchester Super  Cal. 12 Mag the power to hit big game.

A hollow rear part and helical rifling give the Foster-type bullet of the Winchester Super very good accuracy.

The Hollow Point head of the 12/76 caliber Winchester Super bullets , slightly concave, mushrooms widely, resulting in strong stopping power on game.

In Magnum loading , these Winchester Super Cal. 12 of 28 g reach the speed of 536 m/s at the muzzle of the barrel.

The Winchester Super  Cal. 12 Mag are marketed by 5 cartridges

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More information
Caliber 12 Mag
Conditioning Box of 5 cartridges
Calibers available 12M
Tube 76
Charge 28g
Initial speed 536 m/s
Ball Foster-type