Tiger-USA Xtreme® Mega Legion 13.75″ LED Stun Gun Baton 98M


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This Tiger-USA Xtreme® stun baton delivers a powerful jolt of electricity with just a press of a button. Simply discharging the stun gun creates a loud and intimidating spark that can scare attackers before they make their move. For your safety, there is a 3 level activation feature to prevent accidental discharges. Additionally, there is a built-in LED 200-lumen flashlight with 3 distinct modes: high, low and strobe. The baton has an aircraft-grade aluminum shock proof exterior and is approximately 13.75 inches long. The stun baton runs on two included rechargeable batteries, which can be charged in any standard outlet with the included battery cradle. Carry and wield this self-defense stun baton anywhere you go with the provided wrist strap and belt loop holster. LIFETIME MANUFACTURER WARRANTY.