Streetwise™ Triple Defender 17.5″ LED Stun Gun Baton 27M


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The Streetwise Triple Defender is the ultimate 3-in-1 self-defense device. First up, it has a military-grade aluminum alloy body that is lightweight, yet durable and is perfect for delivering powerful blows to any would be attacker. On top of that, it is IP 64 rated, meaning it is resistant to dust and water. Next, it also operates as a stun gun, with hidden prongs that emit 26 million volts of electricity to quickly and easily incapacitate attackers. This feature is controlled by a side activation button with a safety switch that helps prevent accidental activation. Finally, the head of the Triple Defender has an LED bulb that emits up to 380 lumens of light. Its tail-end on/off button also allows you to switch between its 5 different light modes; high, medium, low, S.O.S. and strobe. Plus, there is a zoom feature for changing between spot and flood light patterns and the bulb can last up to 100,000 hours. If that wasn’t enough, it is powered by two included rechargeable li-ion batteries and comes with a charging cradle that can recharge them with ease in any standard wall outlet.