Streetwise™ Safe-T-Shirt Ballistic Plate Carrier w/ Holster L-2XL


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The Streetwise™ Safe-T-Shirt is a sleekly designed compression shirt that provides comfort, breathability and moisture control in the hottest environments. On top of that, the shirt has a rear and front carrier pocket designed for holding soft ballistic plates (not included, see accessories) to discreetly provide bullet resistant protection to vital organs. Additionally, each side of the shirt has a handgun holster and magaizine pocket that can fit most handguns and TASERs providing a concealed carry option for both right and left-handed individuals. This shirt has been designed to easily be worn as an undershirt for hidden protection with a comfortable, yet durable spandex and polyester blend. That is why the Streetwise™ Safe-T-Shirt is perfect for military, law enforcement or even everyday citizens looking for added protection in their day-to-day lives.