Streetwise™ Black Jack 120dB Stun Gun Alarm 21M


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When you walk with the Streetwise Black Jack 21 million volt stun gun, you will walk with confidence due to its unbeatable triple defense system and the Squeeze and Stun technology that lets you use it with the simplest of squeezes. Beyond the stun feature, you’ll also have a built-in LED flashlight to help you find your way in the dark or blind attackers and a 120-decibel alarm to scare off assailants before they do any harm. Its ergonomic design allows you to wrap your hand around the stun gun for a firm grip that feels natural in your hand and you can be rest assured that when not in use it cannot accidentally go off since it has not one, but two safety features; a disable pin lanyard and a safety switch. The stun gun will only work after the pin is inserted into the bottom of the unit and the safety is turned off. The Black Jack also has a retractable plug to recharge the built-in li-ion battery in any standard outlet. For ease of carrying, a chic nylon holster with belt loop and key ring is included in the package along with the disable pin lanyard and instructions. This stun gun has a lifetime manufacturer warranty. With the Streetwise Black Jack 21 Million Stun gun in your hand, you will definitely feel safe and secure wherever you are going.