Streetwise™ 24/7 Security Guard Stun Gun Flashlight 27M


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The Streetwise Security Guard 24/7 stun flashlight can deliver 27 million volts of stopping power, which is built into a high end 120 Lumen LED flashlight. The flashlight is able to work in one of three light modes (high, low, and strobe). The strobe mode allows you to signal for help or blind a would-be attacker, while the high and low modes will illuminate any dark areas you need to navigate. Furthermore, the body of the light has a rubberized grenade textured coating to help you secure a firm grip and comes with a wrist strap and nylon belt loop holster for easy carrying. On top of that, it’s built-in battery can be recharged by plugging it into any standard wall outlet using the included charging cord. It also has an on-off safety switch to prevent any unintended discharges and has a clear and bright Stun Warning Light that signifies that the stun feature is live. Whether you are law enforcement, a security guard or a safety conscious civilian, the Streetwise Security Guard 24/7 stun flashlight is for you.