Safety Tech BashLite Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight 15M


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This is sleek designed flashlight with an integrated stun gun provides you with tactical and utility purposes. The stun gun feature unleashes a powerful 15 million electric jolt, that can quickly send assailants writhing to the ground. On top of this, the 120 lumen super bright LED light can be flashed in the eyes of the attacker, causing momentary blindness and disorientation. Besides its tactical use, the flashlight can also be used as a normal lighting source. The heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum constructed body also offers durability and can be used to strike assailants. A wrist lanyard is attached to the unit to make it easy to carry. The stun gun flashlight is only 5.1” long, so it can fit into a pocket or purse as well. Additionally, a nylon holster with a belt loop is included. The Bashlite is also rechargeable in any standard wall outlet with the provided AC wall adapter.