Police Force Tactical Ultimate Self-Defense Bundle Pack


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The Police Force Self-Defense bundle provides three powerful non-lethal weapons. First, is the Police Force Tactical Expandable Solid Steel Baton 26” which is made of the highest-quality steel that can deliver a devastating blow to any attacker. Its ability to expand when needed provides you with distance to protect yourself and leverage when attacking your assailant. The baton is extended simply by flicking your wrist, providing efficiency and convenience in times of need. This striking baton is the number one weapon used by most security guards and law enforcement personnel all over the world. Next, is the Police Force Tactical Stun Gun Flashlight 9.2M which measures only 6.5″ long, but is made of military-grade aluminum and utilizes Triple Stun Technology to create a powerful electrical shock that disables would-be attackers. Additionally, it has a durable shockproof exterior that ensures reliable dependability, and a built-in 1 watt LED flashlight can illuminate dark areas and even temporarily blind assailants. Recharge your stun flashlight as needed with the included cord that simply plugs into any wall outlet and eliminates the need for batteries. Finally, this bundle pack comes with the Police Force Tactical 23 Pistol Grip Police Pepper Spray Fog. Police, security, and military agencies use this disabling spray worldwide. Its large size can easily incapacitate any assailants, firing a pepper spray fog up to 25 feet in distance. Place it behind a store counter or by the front door of your home for the ultimate protection against unwanted intruders, even if there are mutltiple attackers. Independent reports have proven that this high-quality product is one of the best on the market and it is made in the United States.