Police Force Tactical Torch Stun Gun Flashlight 17M


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Police Force Tactical Torch combines a powerful 1,200-lumen flashlight and the stopping power of a 17 million volt stun gun all in one military-grade aluminum-alloy body that is nearly indestructible to last you for years. The flashlight can illuminate large areas or be used to temporarily blind an attacker. You can choose to operate the light in one of five modes; maximum, medium, low, SOS, or strobe. The long reach of the 13-inch body and wide 3-inch diameter head makes this stun flashlight twice as big as any others on the market. When activated, the stun feature emits 17 million volts that can scare attachers by sight and sound alone. If that isn’t enough, a quick touch can disable would-be assailants instantly. On top of that, the unit is powered by two rechargeable batteries (included) that can be easily recharged in any standard wall outlet with the provided battery charging cradle. Furthermore, the flashlight comes with an adjustable strap that makes it easy to carry handsfree where ever you may go.