Police Force Tactical Blue Line Stun Gun w/ Braclet 9.1M


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If you want to intimidate your assailant just by firing this in the air, the Blue Line Rechargeable Stun Gun is perfect. Most people will back away just from hearing the electrical sound, but if you have to hit your attacker with this stun gun they will be incapacitated for 5 to 10 minutes. While they are recovering from disorientation, loss of balance, confusion, and loss of muscle control you have time to escape and call for help. If it is dark, the stun gun also has a bright LED flashlight to show you the way to safety. Accidental discharge is prevented by an activation button as well as a safety switch. When the battery gets low the unit can be recharged. Included with this purchase is a stylish holster and a belt loop and wrist strap disable pin that stops attackers form taking the stun gun and using it on you. The unit also comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty and a portion of the sales supports police organizations (currently those funds are going to C.O.P.S., Concerns of Police Survivors).