Kwik Force® Flashfire Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight 16M


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Lightweight and durable, this aluminum crafted ultra bright LED flashlight conceals a powerful 16,000,000 volt stun gun inside. Located on the head of the flashlight, the two forked prongs provide dual crackling sparks to intimidate any would-be attacker simply with the sound of the electricity discharging. If this isn’t enough to scare them away, the 16M volts will stop anyone, no matter their size, in their tracks. For your own protection, the device also has a safety switch feature that helps prevent accidental discharges. This stun flashlight is powered by an internal rechargeable li-ion battery that can be recharged in any standard wall outlet with the included AC adapter. It also comes with a wrist strap lanyard so you can securely hold it around your wrist. The Kwik Force® Flashfire Stun Gun Flashlight weighs 0.35 pounds and is only 6 inches in length, making it easy to carry and a perfect companion, day or night.