JOLT Tactical Police Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight 93M


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The JOLT Police Tactical Stun Flashlight 93,000,000 volts combines a powerful stun gun and flashlight, with 3 light modes, into a compact and easy-to-carry unit. Turn on the flashlight to illuminate an entire area or use it to blind an attacker, meanwhile, you can switch on the stun feature and apply a high voltage electric shock to incapacitate the assailant. This highly durable non-lethal electroshock weapon is made from military-grade aluminum alloy with a protective rubber casing for a shock-proof exterior and comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. On top of that, it has a built-in heavy-duty belt clip that makes it easy to carry hands-free wherever you may go. The unit also comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and a micro USB recharging cord.