JOLT Jaws Rechargeable Tactical Stun Gun Flashlight 96M


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The JOLT Jaws Tactical Stun Flashlight combines a powerful stun gun and flashlight into an easy-to-carry everyday unit that is only 8.75 inches long. Turn on the flashlight to illuminate an entire area or use it to blind an attacker, meanwhile, you can switch on the stun feature and apply a high voltage electric shock to incapacitate them. On top of that, the head of the light has “Jaws” that will tear into an attacker’s flesh and collect DNA for police to use if needed. This highly durable non-lethal electroshock weapon is made from military-grade aluminum alloy for a shock-proof exterior and comes with a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, it comes with a nylon belt loop holster, so you can easily carry the device, while the handle provides you a firm grip when in use. The unit also comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and a recharging cord that can be plugged into any standard wall outlet.