Hornady Varmint Express 22-250 Remington 50gr V-Max Box of 20





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Hornady® Varmint Express® ammunition is designed across the hard-hitting overall performance of our well-known V-MAX® bullet. Polymer tipped V-MAX® bullets supply in shape accuracy, excessive ballistic coefficients, wind defying trajectories, and fast fragmentation upon contact. Each Varmint Express® presenting is loaded with excessive high-satisfactory instances and thoroughly decided on propellant and primers which are selected to offer the fine overall performance in every character load. Buy hornady varmint ammo , 762 ammo , 357 ammo , 22lr ammo, 243 ammo.

Hornady Varmint Express ammo, 762 ammo , 357 ammo , 22lr ammo, 243 ammo forty Grain V-Max ammo evaluate gives the subsequent information; Hornady’s V-Max bullets constantly attain fast fragmentation in any respect sensible varmint capturing velocities.  Designed across the hard-hitting overall performance of the well-known Hornady V-Max bullet, this ammunition is especially designed for supremely correct lengthy-variety capturing.  This Hornady Varmint Express ammunition is especially designed for extraordinarily correct lengthy variety capturing. Varmint Express ammo is ideal for an excellent hunt, it makes use of the V-Max bullet to attain fast velocities and explosive fragmentation. The polymer tip at the V-Max bullet complements accuracy and grants a devastating enlargement on impact.


Featuring the enterprise main polymer tipped Hornady® V-MAX® bullet that grants in shape accuracy and fast fragmentation, Superformance® Varmint ammunition from Hornady® extends cutting-edge varmint cartridge performance and overall performance.  Optimal consequences are finished in all firearms, and Superformance Varmint ammunition is secure to apply in all motion types, which includes semi-autos.


Super formance Varmint is a hundred to 2 hundred fps FASTER than ANY traditional ammunition.


Achieve advanced accuracy, elevated variety, flatter trajectory, much less wind drift.


Polymer tipped Hornady V-MAX® or NTX® bullets supply in shape accuracy and fast fragmentation.


Optimal consequences are finished in ALL firearms, which includes semi-autos.

Specifications: Buy hornady varmint ammunition

– Caliber: .22-250 Remington

– Bullet Weight: 55 Grains

– Bullet Style: Polymer Tip

– Case Type: Brass

Muzzle Velocity: 3800 FPS

– Muzzle Energy: 1603 FT LBS

– Test Barrel Length (in): 24

– Lead Free: No

– Primer: Boxer

– Corrosive: No

– 25 Rounds per Box

– 200 Rounds Per Case

– 10 Boxes Per Case