450 bushmaster hornady black 150 rounds




The 450 Bushmaster Hornady Black 150 rounds offer shooters a powerful and versatile ammunition option. Developed by Hornady Manufacturing, a reputable name in the firearms industry, this cartridge is designed to deliver optimum performance in the 450 Bushmaster caliber.

With a bullet weight of 150 grains, the Hornady Black rounds for the 450 Bushmaster provide a balance between power and accuracy. This bullet weight is well-suited for a variety of applications, including hunting and target shooting. The projectile is engineered for controlled expansion upon impact, ensuring effective energy transfer to the target.

One of the significant advantages of the 450 Bushmaster Hornady Black ammunition is its stopping power. The round’s flat trajectory, combined with the high muzzle velocity of around 2,200 feet per second, enables shooters to engage targets effectively at various distances. This makes it a popular choice for big game hunting, particularly for deer and hogs.

The Hornady Black ammo also excels in terms of accuracy, thanks to the precise manufacturing processes employed by Hornady. The round consistently delivers tight groups, allowing shooters to achieve reliable shot placement. This accuracy is critical when engaging targets or making ethical shots on game animals.

Furthermore, the 450 Bushmaster Hornady rounds come in a package of 150 rounds. This quantity provides shooters with ample ammunition to enjoy prolonged shooting sessions or to stock up for upcoming hunting trips. The convenience of having a larger quantity of rounds ensures that shooters can spend more time on the range or in the field without the need for frequent re-stocking.

In addition to performance, the 450 Bushmaster Hornady Black ammunition features the Hornady brand’s reputation for reliability. Hornady utilizes high-quality components and rigorous quality control measures to ensure consistent performance and functional reliability with each round. This reliability is essential for shooters who depend on their ammunition to function flawlessly in any situation.

The 450 Bushmaster Hornady ammo is also compatible with a variety of firearms. The cartridge is designed to function in rifles specifically chambered for the 450 Bushmaster caliber, ensuring proper feeding and extraction. Shooters can choose from a range of platforms, including bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles, depending on their preferences and shooting needs.

Overall, the 450 Bushmaster Hornady Black 150 rounds provide shooters with a powerful and reliable ammunition option for their 450 Bushmaster rifles. With its balance of power, accuracy, and versatility, this ammunition is suitable for hunters, target shooters, and those in need of a reliable self-defense option. Whether engaging targets on the range or pursuing game in the field, the 450 Bushmaster Hornady Black ammo offers consistent performance and the peace of mind that comes with the Hornady brand’s proven track record.


  • Caliber :  450 Bushmaster
  • Bullet Weight :  260 Grains
  • Bullet Style :  AccuTip
  • Case Type :  Brass Reloadable
  • Muzzle Velocity :  2180 fps
  • Muzzle Energy :  2744 ft. lbs.
  • Mfg. Part Number :  PRA450B1


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