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Group: Smokeless Powder
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Hodgdon Trail Boss is a unique and specialized powder designed for low-velocity loads in both rifles and handguns. It is specifically engineered to produce reduced recoil and minimal muzzle blast, making it an excellent choice for cowboy action shooting and other recreational shooting disciplines that prioritize low recoil.

One of the standout qualities of Hodgdon Trail Boss is that it is a bulky powder, meaning that it fills up the cartridge case to a significant degree, ensuring consistent ignition and preventing accidental double charges. This aspect makes it particularly safe and suitable for use in large-capacity handgun cartridges or reduced-power loads in rifle cartridges.

Trail Boss is also known for its clean-burning properties, which reduces fouling and enables shooters to enjoy extended shooting sessions without the need for frequent barrel cleaning. The reduced fouling also results in less wear and tear on firearms, making it a popular choice among those who value firearm maintenance and longevity.

It’s important to note that it is not designed for high-velocity loads or for achieving maximum velocities. Instead, it is intended for creating light target loads or recreating historic shooting experiences. Therefore, it’s crucial to consult reputable and accurate load data to ensure safe and optimal use of Hodgdon Trail Boss for your specific firearm and cartridge.

In summary, Hodgdon Trail Boss is a specialized powder designed for low-velocity loads in rifles and handguns. It excels in reducing recoil and muzzle blast while offering clean-burning characteristics. It is commonly used in cowboy action shooting and other recreational shooting applications where reduced recoil is desirable. Care should be taken to follow proper load data and use it within its intended application range.

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