Federal Primers 209A Shotshell 1000 rounds (10 packs of 100)




Federal Primers 209A Shotshell have a reputation for being among the most reliable and consistent primer options for shotgun cartridges available in the market today. These primers are designed specifically for use with shotgun shells, making them an ideal choice for hunters, target shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

One of the most notable features of  209A Shotshell is their high sensitivity. These primers ensure consistent ignition even with low primer impact, which makes them ideal for use in varying weather conditions and different ranges. In addition, their high sensitivity also allows shooters to maximize their accuracy and achieve their desired shooting results.

Another advantage of using Federal Primers 209A Shotshell is their versatility. These primers are designed for use with different types of shotgun shells, making them ideal for many different hunting and shooting applications. This versatility makes them a must-have for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as hunting and target shooting.

It is also designed for easy handling and smooth-feeding during reloading. They come in a convenient tray of 100 primers, making them easy to store, handle, and use. The packaging is well designed, and it keeps the primers securely in place to avoid damage.

Another advantage of using Federal Primers 209A Shotshell is their consistent performance. These primers are designed to deliver uniform ignition and clean burning, which ensures reliability and consistent results. This consistency allows shooters to fine-tune their loads and achieve the desired shooting results.

It is important to note that Federal Primers 209A Shotshell are compatible primarily with shotgun cartridges and may not be compatible with all types of ammunition. Therefore, it is essential to check for compatibility before use, to avoid any damages.

In conclusion, they are a reliable and consistent option for reloaders who require high-performance ammunition. With their high sensitivity, versatility, easy handling and consistent performance, these primers are suitable for a wide range of shooting applications. Their consistent performance makes them an ideal option for competitive shooting and hunting.


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