CCI 50 BMG Military Primers




CCI 50 BMG Military Primers are specifically designed for use in .50 BMG cartridges. These primers have gained a strong reputation among shooters and reloaders for their reliability and consistent performance in high-pressure applications.

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One of the key features of CCI 50 BMG Military is their ability to handle the intense pressure generated by .50 BMG cartridges. These primers are built to withstand the high-pressure environment that is characteristic of this cartridge, ensuring reliable ignition and consistent performance.

Reliability is a paramount consideration when choosing primers, and CCI 50 BMG Military deliver on this front. They are known for providing consistent ignition, minimizing the occurrence of misfires and ignition failures. This reliability is highly valued by shooters who rely on the performance of their ammunition, be it in hunting, long-range shooting, or competitive shooting.

The manufacturing process of CCI 50 BMG Military is subjected to strict quality control measures and adheres to military specifications. Each primer undergoes rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure uniformity and reliability. This attention to detail gives reloaders the confidence that these primers are consistent and dependable, meeting the highest standards of performance.

Additionally, CCI 50 BMG Military Primers are formulated to offer quick and efficient ignition. They deliver a reliable and hot spark, ensuring rapid and complete combustion of the propellant. This sensitivity to ignition is vital, especially in high-pressure applications like the .50 BMG, where consistent and fast ignition is crucial for optimal performance and accuracy.

In terms of cleanliness, CCI 50 BMG Military  are designed to minimize fouling and residue. This characteristic contributes to cleaner shooting experiences, reducing the need for frequent cleaning of firearms. The clean ignition they provide helps maintain consistent performance over numerous shots, contributing to improved accuracy and reliability.

In summary, CCI 50 BMG Military Primers are a reliable and consistent choice for shooters who require reliable ignition in .50 BMG cartridges. The ability to handle high-pressure loads, reliability, adherence to military specifications, clean-burning characteristics, and commitment to quality control make them a preferred option for those who value performance and consistency. With CCI 50 BMG Military Primers, reloaders can have confidence in the ignition and performance of their ammunition, allowing them to focus on precise and effective shot placement in high-pressure applications.


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