Atomic Ammunition 223 Remington Subsonic 77 Grain Hollow Point Boat Tail Box of 50




223 subsonic ammo is a specialized round that caters to a specific set of needs in the firearms community. Designed for those seeking a quieter shooting experience without sacrificing accuracy or power, this ammunition is an excellent choice for shooters in various scenarios.

The 223 Remington Subsonic 77 Grain Hollow Point ammunition stands out due to its subsonic nature. Subsonic rounds are loaded to travel below the speed of sound, resulting in reduced noise and a diminished sonic boom. This makes them an appealing option for those engaged in activities where noise reduction is essential, such as hunting or shooting in noise-sensitive areas.

The 77-grain hollow point bullet used in this ammunition offers an effective balance between weight and expansion. The hollow point design allows for controlled expansion upon impact, resulting in increased stopping power and energy transfer to the target. This makes it a suitable choice for varmint hunting and personal defense situations.

The Atomic Ammunition 223 Remington Subsonic 77 Grain Hollow Point is engineered with accuracy in mind. The careful construction and quality control of these rounds ensure consistent performance and reliable trajectories. Shooters can trust that their shots will land where intended, enhancing their overall shooting experience and increasing their confidence in their ammunition.

Reliability is a crucial factor when choosing ammunition, and Atomic Ammunition’s reputation for producing high-quality rounds stands strong. The 223 subsonic ammo maintains the brand’s commitment to excellence, providing shooters with ammunition they can rely on in critical situations. This reliability contributes to a positive shooting experience, as shooters can focus on their targets without worrying about ammunition issues.

It’s worth noting that while the subsonic nature of this ammunition can reduce noise, it may have an impact on ballistic performance. Given the lower velocity compared to standard supersonic rounds, shooters should consider the specific requirements of their shooting scenario. The reduced velocity can affect bullet drop and wind drift, requiring adjustments in aim or a closer distance to ensure accuracy.

Overall, Atomic Ammunition’s 223 Remington Subsonic 77 Grain Hollow Point offers shooters a specialized solution for shooting options that require reduced noise and reliable performance. Whether for hunting, personal defense, or any other shooting activities that demand a subsonic round, this ammunition delivers on its promises. Those who appreciate the combination of reduced noise and consistent accuracy will find this round to be a valuable addition to their arsenal.


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