Alliant 2400 powder in stock (1lb)




It is a well-regarded and popular choice among shooters, known for its versatility and consistent performance. Manufactured by Alliant 2400 powder in stock, this propellant has gained a strong reputation among reloaders and enthusiasts in the shooting community.

One of the standout features of Alliant 2400 powder is its wide range of applications. This powder is primarily designed for use in magnum handgun loads but can also be utilized in certain rifle calibers. Its versatility makes it a preferred option for shooters who want a reliable powder that can be used across different firearms and bullet types.

Accuracy is an important factor for any shooter, and Alliant 2400 powder delivers on this aspect. With its consistent burn rate, this powder ensures reliable velocities and improved shot-to-shot consistency. Whether engaging in target shooting or hunting, shooters can rely on the predictable performance of Alliant 2400, resulting in tighter groupings and more accurate hits.Alliant 2400 powder in stock

Furthermore, Alliant 2400 powder has excellent temperature stability. It maintains its performance in a variety of weather conditions, from extreme cold to scorching heat. This stability is crucial for shooters who require consistent velocities and reliable performance across different seasons or climates. With Alliant 2400, shooters can trust that their ammunition will perform consistently, regardless of the outside temperature.

Cleanliness is another noteworthy characteristic of Alliant 2400 powder. It burns cleanly, leaving behind minimal fouling and residue. This is not only beneficial for shooters who prefer less frequent cleaning but also for the longevity and optimal functioning of their firearms. Reduced fouling means fewer malfunctions and easier maintenance, allowing shooters to focus on their shooting pursuits without interruptions.

Safety is always a paramount concern in shooting, and Alliant Powder maintains high standards in this regard. Alliant 2400 powder undergoes rigorous quality control processes to ensure that it meets or exceeds industry safety standards. By using Alliant 2400, shooters can have confidence in the safety of their ammunition and enjoy their shooting activities with peace of mind.

Additionally, Alliant 2400 powder offers excellent metering properties, making it suitable for reloaders. The fine and uniform grain size of this powder ensures consistent charges and easy flow through reloading equipment. This consistency is crucial for achieving optimal bullet seating depths and overall cartridge performance.

In conclusion, Alliant 2400 powder is a versatile and reliable choice for shooters who prioritize versatility, accuracy, temperature stability, cleanliness, safety, and ease of use. Its consistent performance across various firearms and its predictability make it a popular option among shooters. With Alliant 2400, shooters can trust their ammunition to perform consistently and accurately, allowing them to focus on their shooting goals with confidence.


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