Accurate No. 5


Type: Pistol
Group: Smokeless Powder
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Accurate No 5 for sale is a popular powder among reloaders and shooting enthusiasts. Manufactured by Western Powders, Inc., Accurate No. 5 is known for its versatility and reliable performance.

Accurate No. 5 is a medium burn-rate powder that is most commonly used for handgun cartridges. It can accommodate a variety of bullet weights and calibers, making it a favored choice for both target shooting and self-defense applications.

One of the notable features of Accurate No. 5 is its consistent metering properties. This means that each charge dispensed will be uniform, which is important for achieving consistent velocities and accuracy in reloading. The powder is also known for its clean-burning characteristics, resulting in less fouling and easier cleaning of firearms.

Safety is a top priority when it comes to reloading, and Accurate No 5 for sale is formulated with this in mind. It has been thoroughly tested to meet industry standards and provides reliable performance while maintaining safe pressure levels when used in accordance with recommended load data.

As with any reloading process, it is essential to follow proper safety protocols and consult reliable load data sources when using Accurate No. 5. This will ensure safe and effective use of the powder.

In summary, Accurate No. 5 is a versatile powder that offers consistent performance and reliable metering properties. With its clean-burning characteristics, it is well-suited for handgun applications and is a popular choice among reloaders. As always, it is important to prioritize safety and follow recommended load data when using any reloading powder.

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