.458 socom ammo 500 rounds (5 trays of 100s)




The .458 socom ammo is a formidable cartridge that has gained popularity among shooters looking for maximum power and versatility. Developed by Marty ter Weeme and Tony Rumore, the .458 SOCOM was designed to offer a heavy-hitting solution for the AR-15 platform.

With a bullet diameter of .458 inches, the .458 SOCOM packs a punch. It was specifically developed to provide increased stopping power and terminal ballistics, making it ideal for hunting big game or for use in defensive situations. The large bullet size and weight allow for deep penetration and devastating impact on targets.

The .458 SOCOM ammunition typically features bullet weights ranging from 250 to 600 grains. This wide range of options allows shooters to tailor their ammunition choices to suit their specific needs. The heavier grain bullets tend to deliver more energy and penetration, while the lighter ones offer greater velocity and flatter trajectory.

One of the key advantages of the .458 SOCOM is its versatility. It can be used in several firearms, including AR-15 rifles, provided they are chambered appropriately. This makes it an excellent choice for shooters who want to utilize their existing AR-15 platforms for hunting or other purposes. It offers a simple way to convert a standard AR-15 into a hard-hitting rifle.

The .458 SOCOM ammunition is particularly revered for its performance at close and medium ranges. It has proven effective for hunting larger game such as boar, deer, and even larger predators. The cartridge’s ability to deliver substantial energy on impact ensures clean and ethical kills, making it a favored choice among hunters.

In addition to hunting, the .458 socom ammo is also a suitable option for self-defense. Its powerful stopping power and reliable feeding make it a formidable cartridge for personal protection or home defense scenarios. The wide variety of bullet weights available allows shooters to fine-tune their ammunition choice based on their specific needs.

As with any ammunition, the .458 SOCOM has its limitations. Its large size and weight can result in limited magazine capacity and increased recoil. However, these factors are often negligible concerns for shooters who prioritize stopping power and reliability over other factors.

Overall, the .458 SOCOM ammunition offers shooters a potent and versatile option for their firearms. With its significant stopping power, wide range of bullet weights, and compatibility with the popular AR-15 platform, it has gained a devoted following among hunters and self-defense enthusiasts. Whether used for hunting big game or as a powerful self-defense round, the .458 SOCOM delivers the energy and reliability required for a successful shooting experience.

458 socom ammo

20 Rounds

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Range (yds) Velocity 16″ barrel (fps) Energy (ft-lbs) Trajectory (in)
                         –         1,866         2,319             (1.5)
                        50         1,686         1,894              0.8
                      100         1,522         1,542                –
                      150         1,373         1,257             (4.5)
                      200         1,245         1,033           (13.7)
                      250         1,142            868           (28.5)


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