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This decorative box of 44 40 ammo 1000 rounds is Winchester’s way of celebrating their 150 year anniversary while treating shooters to cartridge profiles that helped make their name famous! These 270 ammo, 762 ammo,243 ammo, 308 ammo 1000 rounds are built on a traditional load recipe and utilize a 200 grain Power Point projectile which has proven itself against feral hogs and whitetail deer. The bullet’s design uses a copper half-jacket which is locked to the lead core via a grooved canal. During entry into a game animal the projectile will expand in diameter at precisely calculated rate which allows to penetrate past thick hide and into vital zones.

The design boasts excellent terminal performance on game which results in clean, humane kills with little chance for over-penetration. Lever-action rifle enthusiasts will be pleased to know that these .44-40 Winchester rounds have flat noses for safe compatibility with tubular magazines. Other components include non-corrosive primers fitted to reloadable brass casings which are inspected by Winchester for uniform dimensions and thickness. Winchester is one of the most well-known ammunition companies in the world and has created a legacy over the past century and a half via strong designs and overall support of shooting traditions.

Ammo Overview

Manufacturer – Winchester
Bullets – 200 grain soft point (SP)
Casings – Boxer-primed brass
Quantity – 50 rounds