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Shrink lengthy distances all the way down to size. Nosler AccuBond rifle masses’ confirmed bullet design pairs a precision polymer tip with a noticeably concentric jacket bonded to a lead center. The result is rapid growth, moderate weight retention and lethal penetration at long variety.

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High-overall performance polymer tip and boat-tail layout for more downrange velocity and power
Concentric jacket improves lengthy-variety accuracy
Core bonded to a tapered jacket for fast, managed expansion
Deep penetration and mild weight retention on medium and big game
Rimfire/Centerfire Centerfire
Caliber .270 Win
Muzzle Energy (feet/lb) 2705
Muzzle Velocity (FPS) 2950
Box Count 20
Bullet Type Nosler AccuBond
Bullet Weight 140 Grain
Ballistic Coefficient zero.496
Ammo Use Big Game
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While it wasn’t an instantaneous commercial achievement, the high speed .270 Winchester cartridge were given the attention of many hunters when first added in 1925 with the mythical Winchester Model fifty four bolt movement rifle. With early .270 ammo loadings pushing a one hundred thirty grain bullet at velocities in extra of 3,000 fps, many hunters liked the flat capturing characteristics of the spherical and the fact that it was so powerful on skinny skinned game.

The .270 Winchester cartridge progressively became extraordinarily famous among North American hunters. Indeed, the renowned gun creator Jack O’Connor became recognized for his affinity for the 270 ammo and he’ll be for all time related to the cartridge because of his columns proposing it in Outdoor Life.

The century-antique .270 Winchester cartridge stays one of the Top 10 most famous centerfire rifle cartridges inside the United States to at the moment. Not rather, honestly each unmarried ammunition producer of word like Barnes, Browning, Fiocchi, Federal Premium, Hornady, HSM, Norma, Nosler, Remington, Sierra, Swift, and Winchester produces numerous extraordinary variants of .270 ammo for hunting deer, elk, moose, bear, and lots of other big recreation animals.

Known for being a high speed, incredibly flat capturing, sincerely accurate, and moderately recoiling cartridge (in comparison to the larger magnums), the .270 Winchester is a conventional deer searching cartridge if there ever was one. Not exceptionally, it’s specially famous among mule deer and whitetail deer hunters as well as those pursuing recreation like pronghorn. Jack O’Connor additionally helped cement the reputation of the cartridge as an effective bighorn sheep cartridge.


Make no mistake although: the .270 Winchester may be an powerful cartridge for hunting bigger game like black undergo, elk, and moose as nicely.

However, specific conditions (like deer or pronghorn at long variety vs moose at short variety) necessitate the use of various forms of .270 ammo for satisfactory overall performance.

As is the case with other higher velocity cartridges like the 7mm Remington Magnum and .Three hundred Winchester Magnum, the use of the incorrect kind of .270 Winchester ammunition can lead to disastrous effects, in particular on larger sport.

Many of the maximum popular .270 ammo loadings use lightweight, unexpectedly increasing bullets which might be especially designed for use on thin-skinned sport like deer. Those light-weight, thin jacketed bullets generally tend to perform thoroughly on deer-sized sport.


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