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When it comes to getting the best rimfire ammo on the market, you should always reach for Federal 22lr ammo , 270 ammo , 357 ammo, 243 ammo, 762 ammo as Federal has been the #1 ammo manufacturer in the US for many years running, Federal 22 ammo is some of the most reliable and consistent rimfire ammo you can buy.

No matter if you just want to go out to the range for some fun or need to do some light varmint control on your property, you should always have Federal 22LR ammo , 270 ammo , 357 ammo, 243 ammo, 762 ammo loaded into your rifle. Federal .22 ammo is reliable and consistent, making every time you pull the trigger an absolute joy.

There’s always a question as to the reliability of rimfire ammunition, but not with 22 Federal ammo! Because you’ve got over 100 years of innovation and ingenuity included in every box of Federal 22LR.

And the best thing about Federal 22 ammo is that you can stock up on a lot without burning a hole in your wallet. As Federal .22LR ammo is sold in bulk, it’s easy to get 1000 rounds or more when you purchase one of our bulk packs.

It’s always a good idea to have a plentiful supply of Federal 22LR on hand for any situation. The main reason is because it is extremely affordable, you can hunt small game with it, and Federal 22 ammo is extremely reliable. This makes Federal .22 ammo the best option for any SHTF scenario.

Made from high quality components, Federal .22lr ammo is always ready to go when you’re ready to pull the trigger. Therefore, you can head out to the range with confidence, as your Federal 22lr will always be ready when you are.

Whatever rimfire needs you have, you’ll get accurate, affordable performance when you purchase your bulk Federal 22lr from Ammo.com. We strive to always bring you the most up to date Federal 22 ammo offerings so you always have the best possible Federal .22lr ammo in your stockpile.

One of the greatest aspects of Federal 22lr is it has so little recoil. This is ideal for training new shooters, children, or shooters who are recoil sensitive. When you need to do a lot of shooting for only a little money, you simply cannot beat Federal 22 ammo.

Set your 22 to stealth mode with CCI® Quiet-22™. It is ideal for bolt-action and single-shot 22 LR rifles, and generates 75 percent less perceived noise than standard velocity 22 LR rounds. It is perfect for areas where noise may be a problem and is ideal for introducing youth to the shooting sports.


  • 75 percent reduction in the perceived noise of standard velocity 22 Long Rifle loads
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Low velocity


Caliber 22 LR
Bullet Weight 40
Muzzle Velocity 710
Bullet Weight 40
Bullet Style Lead Round Nose
Ballistic Coefficient .120
Package Quantity 1000
Usage Target Shooting


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